Defensive Driving

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Course Benefits

Taking a New York State Defensive Driving Course will save you 10% on your Auto & Motorcycle collision, no fault and liability insurance for 3 years. It will also reduce your driver's license point total by up to 4 points!!

In addition to your savings….

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been driving or how much experience you think you have behind the wheel, your driving skills and knowledge of the laws could always use a boost.

A driver safety course is perfect for refreshing your skills & knowledge.

You not only learn valuable tid-bits of driving information in which you may have forgotten, but you’ll also be richly rewarded for it in the form of a pretty decent discount on your auto insurance premiums!

Classroom Course

Gone are the days of sitting for a torturous six-hour class, with a boring/repetitive curriculum and an instructor who’s so monotone you’re falling asleep!!

Your instructor will engage everyone in the class, deliver the curriculum in an innovative and enlightening way to which you WILL remember what you’ve learned and have a good time learning it!

All brand new videos, animations and an engaging Defensive Driving game in the end !

Schedule a class today in your area for 15-40 people and start saving some money and perhaps saving lives with the new skills you’ve learned for the road :-)

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Online Course

Most people don't realize that, unlike traditional classroom courses, they can now take an approved defensive driving course 100% online.

That means you can study according to your time schedule. A few minutes in the morning, a half hour in the afternoon, or a more lengthy session in the evening. How long you study is really up to you. And with our exclusive "Memory Recall" technology, you will always return to the New York Defensive Driving course right where you last left off. No need to go back and study a lesson you have already completed. Simply log on to our site using your username and password and you will resume the course exactly where you last left off.

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